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About Us

Our business began in 1995 as Leading Edge Bookkeeping where we provided bookkeeping and other business management services to organisations across a range of business sectors. During our initial growth phase we saw the emerging needs of more than just bookkeeping services for each of our clients. We therefore diversified to deliver business and growth solutions to our clients covering a range of strategies.


As a result of these changes we re-branded the company in 2006 and renamed it About Your Business. We focus on the implementation of efficient business systems, powerful processes and effective operational and financial methods for businesses in times of growth or change.


Our reputation is built on producing lasting results in successful businesses. With our resources, knowledge and experience we are able to provide tangible solutions to all types of businesses. These solutions are individually tailored to suit each situation and can bring about dramatic improvements in the professionalism of the business, as well as increases in productivity, staff performance and profitability.


About Des TurnerDes

Des is the founder of About Your Business and he is based in Melbourne. He has worked as an accountant, administrator, trainer, facilitator, business coach & mentor and a business rescuer in a diverse range of management, finance and training roles. He has over 30 years' experience at senior levels across a wide range of organisations and specialises in business development, training facilitation and business consulting.


He utilises an array of successful business growth tools and strategies, whilst working on your business processes and infrastructure step by step to ensure the sustainable growth of your organisation. His background spans both the public and private sectors and he has developed a well-founded reputation for excellence in people management skills with a special talent for workshop facilitation & training outcomes.


Des is able to draw upon a depth of hands-on experience across all levels of an organisation and is able to open the way to facilitate change. He also has the ability to motivate people, improve staff morale and foster teamwork and his supportive approach consistently results in staff working more efficiently and effectively, which ultimately enhances the working environment.