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A successful business and working environment is dependent on a few key factors. One known determining factor is having a common goal to work towards – another factor is a productive team of employees. Arguably you cannot have one without the other.


About Your Business can build your business with the right employees to do the job. A strong team of employees can make or break a business. How many times have you employed staff who just don’t seem to be a good fit or they’ve just got too comfortable in their role? They can have a dramatic effect on productivity in your workplace!


About Your Business is practiced in the business of people. Our consultants will match your business’ needs, values and work culture with a compatible candidate. As an employer you may not have the time, resources, expertise or funds to complete a successful recruitment. But we have the experience, the knowledge and the strategy to set your business up for success. Our extensive selection process saves you time and money. So don’t leave your business success to chance, invest in the right team at About Your Business.


We locate candidates who possess the right skill sets, work ethics and aspirations. Whether you require an engineer, customer service person or an electrician, About Your Business will endeavor to deliver the right person to fulfil your recruitment needs. Recruitment requires an understanding of businesses and of people, we know what a business needs to succeed in the long run and we know how to deliver a quality result.


In summary we provide the following services:

  • Staff Hiring – advertising, short listing, interviews, key selection criteria, contract reviews
  • On-boarding & Induction
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Performance Review Process
  • Succession Planning
  • Employment contract negotiation or drafting
  • Matching the right candidates to the business’ vision