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Staff Training & Development


The purpose of any training is to build strength and confidence in a particular task. Providing you or your staff with the correct training enables you to complete your job with confidence and capability. About Your Business consultants are nationally certified employment trainers. This means we are qualified to provide a training service to suit your business needs. We will evaluate your business and then compile the most effective training to target your needs. Do not risk under training your employees or managers! Unlock your full business potential with the power of training.


Some of the staff training ad development services we provide include:

  • Conducting training sessions, either one on one or to larger groups
  • Administering on-the-job training programs and facilitating workshops
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs
  • Maintaining records of employee participation in all training and development programs
  • Developing and administering in-house health and safety programs
  • Ability to tailor any appropriate training to the needs of your business
  • Identifying the hidden talents of your employees that may help your business
  • Accredited M.B.T.I. personality profiling facilitation

Government grants may be available to companies who invest in training. About Your Business will help you successfully attain a government grant to facilitate your training if there is one available. We exceed short term training initiatives; in fact, our consultants have provided businesses with ongoing training for management and employees alike. Depending on your business and staff requirements, we will target the areas which need development and upkeep.