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At About Your Business we help organisations all through their development and growth phases, and we have a range of services to assist you in times of change. Our approach enables just the right level of support to suit your own particular circumstances, so that you can achieve a higher level of consistency in product, service and profitability!


As often happens with growing businesses, the way things are done at start-up stage, is simply adapted and modified along with the growth in sales. Where once there were a few trees and a clear path in the woods, now there is debris and the path has lots of detours. This is the time for business owners to open their minds and change the way they think both about their business and the way they operate it, however, this can be their biggest stumbling block. When solutions are provided to clear a path, for some business owners, the first reaction is to resist the change.


Why is that?

It’s mainly because growth in a business is not always easy and therefore, can be confronting for some and hard to manage as well, without the proper support and guidance. After all, it may require the owner to step back from handling the everyday workload and move into a more managerial role, maybe to learn new skills and for some, the ‘letting go’ of old habits can be challenging.


This is usually a major transitional phase and requires changes to job role responsibilities, delegation, and empowering employees to carry out their new duties and trusting them to perform to their best of ability. After all, as a business owner, you can’t do everything yourself. But, in order to achieve your goals it will take strong leadership, motivation and determination. Any changes in your business will be reflected by how you clearly understand what is needed, why and how it can be done, and who can help. As the saying goes, ‘it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’.


Making the decision to remove the dead trees and create a new path, will lead to a smooth and enjoyable journey through the woods.